U.P.’s Guide to Losing & Preventing a Beer Belly

The male beer belly can truly be a sight to behold. Ponderously swinging before its owner, who has lost sight of his belt buckle and other things) many years ago, it isn’t just a superficial cosmetic disaster it is also a health and longevity nightmare.

Beer bellies are not just caused by drinking large quantities of beer, although that hardly helps. Rather they are caused by an excess accumulation of visceral fat – that is fat that sits under the abdominal muscles in between the organs. Large quantities of this type of fat are associated with massively high levels of insulin resistance and all the cardiovascular and diabetic problems that go with such a condition. Unfortunately for me this is also a problem associated particularly with higher levels of testosterone, hence the increased male risk of heart attacks.

However, the good news is that visceral fat has an extremely good blood supply and is therefore metabolised for energy rather efficiently. This means that a halfway decent diet and exercise programme should get rid of it a reasonable pace. If you’d like to read more about this then please follow this link to an interview with me by the Daily Mail that goes into greater detail –


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