The Cure for COVID-19

There has been a lot of fretting about finding a vaccine or cure for COVID, talk about ‘the new normal’ or how we are going to have second waves and repeated lockdowns.  Where I live, in Singapore, the government is even talking about permanently making people social distance or work from home until a vaccine is found.  Even more nonsensically, the UK government has, just before writing this article, announced that pubs and restaurants will be allowed to open but gyms will not!

What’s wrong with governments everywhere?  We already have a cure, and everybody already knows this.  Collective and individual denial, combined with astounding ignorance by policy makers are costing the world trillions.  In fact the same denial was already costing the world billions without COVID.

Bear in mind here that what is causing deaths from COVID isn’t actually the virus itself.  Sure, it may be the direct cause, but there’s good a reason that the word ‘comorbidities’ has become so widespread recently.  Those comorbidities need to exist in a person for COVID to really matter.  Without them COVID doesn’t kill people.  Only with comorbidities does it kill people.  What’s worse is the comorbidities were probably going to kill whoever had them even without COVID, and before COVID nobody seemed that bothered.  At least not to the extent of choosing to do something about them.   The really shameful fact is that most of these comorbidities are actually simple to fix.

But as always, there’s a catch.  These comorbidities aren’t simple to fix medically.  Unlike a bacterial infection, for which you can take a one-time course of antibiotics and be done, or a broken bone which just needs a cast and rest, you have to fix the cause in order to get rid of type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension among others.  Pharmaceutical and medical technology companies have been working for decades on what to do for all of them with mixed success: we have stents for blocked arteries, statins and other drugs for messed up cholesterol and triglyceride levels, various drugs to marginally help with elevated blood glucose levels.  But none of these are a cure, just temporary fudges that slightly reduce symptoms or slightly lengthen life expectancy.

The real cure is simple, can be free and is available to literally everyone.  Start to EXERCISE, and start to eat healthier food.  Done, fixed, you’re welcome.  I just saved the world hundreds of billions of dollars. 

Come back with any argument as to why you can’t do those, and I’ll show you how pathetic your excuses are.  It’s easy to start in two extremely simple steps:

  1. Go for a 20-30 minute walk twice a day, or even better after every meal.  Don’t have time because you have kids stuck at home?  Take them with you – it will be great for them too.  Raining outside? Swap out 30 minutes of TV in the evening for 30 minutes following a YouTube exercise video. 
  2. Throw out anything that has added sugar (that includes ‘natural sugar’), or that you like to snack on, and stop snacking (come on, you know that apples are okay but cookies are not).

I know it’s more expensive, in the US at least, to buy healthy food than to live on junk.  But this is just an excuse and too many fat apologist researchers and SJWs try to say an individual’s poor health is somehow society’s fault.  It isn’t.  Only you are responsible for what goes in your mouth.  Even if you are on a tight budget (been there done that) you can make a start by simply eating less:  give your fries to the homeless guy outside McBurger instead of eating them – they don’t add any nutritional value to your meal, or even better start cooking yourself something basic like minced beef with rice or pasta; drink unsweetened tea instead of soda (tea costs almost nothing) and right away you’ve dropped a few hundred calories of sugar daily.  Costs you nothing.  Saves your life.

It really infuriates me to see millions of people exiting lockdowns globally having got FATTER and UNHEALTHIER despite suddenly having an extra hour every day from not having to commute.  That extra hour could have been spent doing any of a million difference exercise routines at home.   Hundreds of millions of people chose laziness and an unhealthy future over making a positive change, and now the UK government is reinforcing that foolish choice by implying that gyms are a risk when pubs are not.

It’s time for the people of the world to realise what a tragedy they are setting themselves up for. And more importantly, that it’s not too late to fix it.  Our pre-publication research shows that beginning a workout and diet program can start to reverse your type-2 diabetes in as little as one month.  Our average high blood pressure client can drop their systolic blood pressure from over 140mm/Hg to under 120mm/Hg in 3 months.  You don’t need to aim for a 6-pack, you don’t even need to give up all your vices.  You just need to make a start.  Just starting to lose fat, starting to use your muscles with a basic workout, starting to change the way you eat, they all add up very very quickly and make a difference to your health very very quickly.  It’s always a choice, decide to make it today.

If you want help getting started get in touch with us, we have programs that suit anyone whether you are working out at home, in your own gym, or at one of our gyms worldwide.

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