Q&A: How Much Water Do You Drink When You Workout?

If I’m doing any type of weight training where I’m chasing a pump in my muscles, then I am a big believer in hyperhydration.

Recently, I went through about 4 litres of fluid during a one hour (from warm up to close) workout and swelled up like a balloon across my upper body. I don’t do it for leg training as having a stomach full of fluid, a little bit distended if you go overboard as I had been doing in the Bahamian heat, would make me nauseous, nor would I do it for cardio or slower paced strength training. I can’t solely do it with water either, I use U.P.’s own formulation (“Amplify”), add a couple of servings to a litre of water and chug it down while also going through as much extra H2O as I need.

amplifyAmplify helps to enhance insulin sensitivity and prolongs muscle protein synthesis.

Amplify gives the effect of hyperhydration (the specific balance of amino acids, glutamine and glycine, draw water into the muscle cell) allowing for a muscle cell volumising effect that you can really “feel” once you start pushing nutrients into the muscle via the increased blood flow from the right type of resistance training. This isn’t magic, you won’t add 10 lbs of muscle in a workout, but the enhanced pump/ cell swelling enhances the mTOR response (anabolic, or muscle building, process).

What does this mean in reality and without all the jargon?

  1. Training is more fun when you pump up better.
  2. The increased endorphins mean you can go harder for longer.
  3. You will grow a little bit faster.
  4. You need to pound down a lot of water while training.
  5. Don’t plan a long car ride home from the gym without knowing where some strategic pit stops will be!

P.S. – Amplify also has electrolytes (pump enhancing, or perhaps “pump limiting” might be a better way to put it if you’re sweating a lot) and leucine (another way to switch on mTOR; leucine also sensitizes the muscle cell to insulin, promoting an enhanced anabolic response in the muscle versus the fat cells).

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