Q&A: Best Budget-Friendly Pre-Workout Energy Drink

Hi Nick,

Quick question, can you recommend a good pre workout drink? Been feeling really tired lately and need an energy boost ….& before you say it I have not been over doing it! I’ve been doing kick boxing as well as martial arts but I find that especially with kick boxing when it comes to sparring I get tired really easily and lack energy. What do you suggest?

Nick Mitchell: The best drink pre workout is strong coffee! As simple as that. Anything else that is widely available and cheap just isn’t that good. I do have some great pre workout energising formulas but they are not “budget” products. Nothing is as effective for convenience and cost as strong, real, fresh coffee.

If you are getting tired quickly, look to improve your stamina and energy levels by having multiple sparring partners (ie have 5 people sparring with you one after the other…) and / or improve your glycogen levels with better pre workout nutrition by eating some carbs an hour before you train. A couple of apples/oranges, a small handful of nuts and a small protein shake would be good.

Also make sure that post workout you replenish depleted glycogen stores by having some fast acting carbs and protein immediately after your session. That way you will recover better and also have more energy for the next time you hit the gym. 

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