Nick Mitchell: The Real ‘Secret’ to My Success

Any fool can work hard for a day.

Any idiot can work hard for a week.

Any moron can work hard for a month.

What you can do for three months, six months, and even better, years, is what measures your ability to achieve.

Being successful is not about talent.

It’s not about luck (one-hit wonders are not successful, they are just soon-to-be-forgotten, flash in the pans).

Whatever you want to do in life, if you want to achieve your own personal greatness at any achievement from having a fantastic body, happy family, profitable business, or even something as hard to define as a “great life”, you absolutely, without doubt, must be consistent in the actions needed to hit your goals.

Nick Mitchell

I like to think I’ve got a bit of talent at what I do, but the only reason I am writing this to you from my pool in Los Angeles overlooking the Pacific Ocean (as I plan to open my business on its fourth different continent) is because I sincerely believe that I’ve worked harder than anyone I know in the Personal Training industry. 

For almost a decade I’ve been utterly obsessed with every aspect of improving what we do for our clients, our staff and how we display (market) that to the world.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with incredibly successful people, men who eclipse my meager achievements countless times over, and the story is always the same. 

Some have more charisma than others, some are obviously sharper and smarter than most people you’ll ever meet, but the one unifying feature that they all possess is that they have been beasts for work for extended periods of time in their lives. 

Think about anything you’ve ever achieved that had value (to you) – it will always have come about from your consistent hard work.

Nick Mitchell beach

I was taught this lesson early on in life. I am from a self-made family who drilled the value of graft and grind into me so that it’s hard-wired into the very fabric of my being.  

Like many lessons from our parents though, I ignored them (and my instincts) and cruised through life promising much and delivering little until I was in my mid-30s and my back was against the wall. 

I had one last chance to try to make my mark and chose Personal Training. For the first time in my life, I had the “fear factor” driving me on and I harnessed it to make me work like a dog.

Any success that I have had I owe to the consistent application of effort.

It’s no secret that I am not the biggest fan of most “fitness education.” I really loathe 99% of the bullshit business “gurus.”

I am not a huge fan of self-help, Tony Robbins-style motivation (but if it floats your boat I’d never object).

I don’t have any ready answers or magic formulas when someone asks me “why has UP been so much more successful than other PT businesses?” or even “what’s the secret to a great body?”

There is no secret.

Every one of my books might have ideas and programs to help get you in top shape.

My UP Personal Training team might have tricks of the trade and methodologies to maximize all your exercise and diet efforts.

But ultimately there’s no substitute for hard work and consistent effort.

You see that guy with a great body? Maybe with better coaching, he could have achieved that in four months and not four years, but he has still got there and he’s done it (and kept it) with consistent effort.

You see the man with a great business? No doubt he’s made countless mistakes along the way, but he’s stuck at it when all around him were fizzling out, moving onto the next get-rich scheme, and getting distracted by other things that they thought were more important.

There’s no judgment call from me here. The most successful man in the graveyard is the man who lived the happiest life, not who drove the fastest car or had the biggest muscles.  

Nick Mitchell

By that definition my own granddad was uber-successful – he had no money or career to brag about, but he thought and put a lot of consistent effort into his family and marriage and lived a successful and very happy life because of it.

Whatever you want to do in life, do it consistently if you want to succeed.

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