New Year’s Resolution? A New Year’s Plan is Better

A word on resolutions – they rarely work as we all know, but optimistic wishful thinking usually outweighs experience at this time of year.

Rather than give yourself a resolution, instead formulate a plan, and as we all know plans are best broken down step by step. So if you want to lose 20lbs my experience tells me that whilst it’s not a bad thing to make that your 2019 resolution, a far better way is to make a “2019 plan” that gets you to your ultimate resolution.

Abstract goals without a step by step plan so often get waylaid – just ask the commercial gym businesses that operate entirely in the assumption that many of us will sign up in January never to attend after February. An entire business model is built on failed resolutions!

If you want to lose that weight start with fixing your worst habit. Make that your “resolution”, gain momentum (the number one thing to achieving fitness goals) and take it all one step at a time so that you get a series of small wins that keep you motivated. After all, the main reason people stop going to the gym in February is because they do it all wrong and don’t see the results that you and I know are possible!

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