How to Lose Weight Fast & Overcome Plateaus for Women

Fast fat loss for females is often a bit of a tricky subject. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it is harder for women to drop appreciable amounts of body fat than it is for men.


A lot of people have wasted a lot of time speculating on just why this is the case, but for myself when female fat loss stalls it almost always comes down to one or both of two main factors – a blocked up liver that requires an estrogen detoxification protocol and/or added resistance training to boost insulin sensitivity and raise Growth Hormone levels. Please note that this doesn’t mean adding tonnes of muscle mass! Women are very, very unlikely to ever add all that much muscle, but the positive hormonal implications of a properly loaded (ie challenging weights that are tough to eke out more than 12 repetitions with, not these ludicrous light weights touted by some so-called “experts” that are as challenging as lifting a bag of sugar!) resistance training session can work absolute wonders on the female physiology! This strategy is one of the reason why we have regular results such as overweight females dropping 1/3rd of their bodyweight in less than 5 months whilst eating more food than ever before. Of course, this type of weight loss is at the extreme end of the scale, many of our female clients start at the same body shape as Lucy (pictured above) and then just keep on improving!

A UP personal trainer and female weight loss expert has just written a great “Female Fat Loss” article all about estrogen and its impact upon stubborn lower body fat in females. He is one of the great up and coming personal trainers at UP and works with me closely on a number of our ongoing  studies. He is developing a great reputation as one the “go to” coaches for fast female fat loss.

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