How to improve your wellbeing at work

Maintaining healthy habits in your workplace is vital and can help with productivity and reduce stress.

This can be achieved by implementing small changes to your day. 

Here are 6 suggestions on how you can improve your wellbeing whilst at work:

1) Find how you work best –

When you pinpoint the things that help your work performance, you can maximise your productivity and job satisfaction. Do you work better with 1 hour of solid focus and then a 15-minute break? Are you more creative in the mornings vs the evenings? Do you need to switch off any potential distractions such as your phone? Find a routine that works well for you and stick to it.  

2) Get some fresh air –

It can be tempting to stay locked indoors for hours on end, especially when you have tight deadlines. However, giving yourself just 15 minutes outside in the fresh air will do wonders for your attention span and general alertness – teaming it with a walk is even better to give you a break from sitting for long hours.  

3) Keep hydrated –

Always keep some water close by, dehydration can lead to headaches, muscle pain and problems with concentration.  

4) Stay organised –

Start each day with a “to-do list” that you can even prepare the day before. This means you can prioritise your time and take any panic or anxiety away from trying to juggle last-minute work that you have forgotten or missed.  

5) Keep your space tidy –

How is your workspace? Is it messy, disorganised and generally cluttered? If that is the case then more often than not the quality of your work will reflect this. Make sure you have a clean space to work on, so you can find things easily and feel less overwhelmed by your surroundings.  

6) Don’t be afraid to ask for help –

Problem-solving is an important part of any job, however, this doesn’t mean you need to suffer in silence – when you are facing any difficulties or blocks do not be afraid to ask those around you for help or guidance, this is a part of learning and expanding your skills.  

As a result of his transformation and improving his health and wellbeing with Ultimate Performance, Kamran discovered a newfound spark and productivity at work. As the boss of a multi-million-pound claims management firm, Kamran changed the way he ran his company and he believed the power of fitness could boost the performance of his sales team too.

His own transformation gave him boundless energy, renewed drive and a belief that he could smash through his perceived ‘limitations’ both in the gym and at work. So he paid for 18 of his senior managers to start their own fitness journeys with UP.

Read his inspiring story here.

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