Glenn Parker: U.P. Personal Trainer on the BBC!

This morning we added a first as a company when one of our top personal trainers, Glenn Parker, put a bunch of “reprobates” on the BBC programme “Your Kid” through a tough military style workout.

To be aired in June 2009 on BBC3, Glenn used his experience as a paratrooper who served in such lovely and hospitable places as Sierra Leone to deal with what sounds like a group of difficult, moody, and recalcitrant adolescents and spoiled 20 year olds and teach them some discipline in double quick time.

Glenn is one of my very best personal trainers and if all of the personal training industry was like him it would be a far better (and more competitive) industry. He is dedicated, utterly professional, solid as a rock, loves his job and the entire fitness lifestyle, always has a smile on his face, and actually really cares about his clients and their progress infinitely more than he does about any money he might be able to make from them.

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