November 2011: Christmas Gift Ideas & Rare Special Offers!

If you are stuck for a Christmas gift idea, or just want to ensure that you or a loved one are in top shape for a yuletide holiday OR the start of 2012, then we have a fantastic special offer on discounted personal training at either of our London gyms!

You will be able to find out more at the link below on Nick’s blog, but please take note that although this is a discounted offer and certain conditions do apply, it isn’t for a lesser service in any way.  You would still receive our full-scale service of one-to-one personal training, BioSignature Modulation* assessments, and nutritional and supplementation support.  If you are struggling with what you yourself, or your and nearest and dearest, might think of as the perfect Christmas present, perhaps this is it?!

Click on this link to learn all about it, and hurry as places are limited!  CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS WITH ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE

*Please note, these articles on BioSignature Modulation are maintained for historical interest and no longer reflect our current practices. We do not endorse BioSignature as a methodology.

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