Barra Little’s Intense, No Excuses, Highly Professional Training

I wanted intense, no nonsense training to give me an immediate boost in fitness levels that I could sustain long term. 

What do you feel that you have achieved:

I got exactly what I wanted-training that is intense, no-excuses, no frills. But also an extremely high level of professionalism and focus on health. Everything Glenn and UP does is right on target for busy Londoners-it makes workouts efficient and effective and it produces results.

What have you learned:

I learned a new way of working out that focuses on speed-I learned to concentrate during the gym sessions, be mindful and aware, and how to get a thorough exhausting workout without wasting time.

What’s next for you:

Like every one I hit a plateau from time to time. I want to get to the next level and I’m confident that Glenn Parker can help me do that. I also want to get support so that I can apply the same level of intensity to my solo workouts as those I do at UP.

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