A Personal Trainer’s Advice on Protein Bars & Snacks

Nick, I’ve been having a slow-absorb protein shake for intermediate meals. It’s usually pretty easy, but are there alternatives to the shakes (like protein bars)? What should I look for? What would be the worst sort of thing to eat so as not to interrupt my fat loss?

Protein bars are vastly inferior to shakes as they usually full of cheap binding oils and fillers that do you no good at all. When I used to have busy days as a personal trainer in London, sometimes on my feet for 9/10 hours in succession I would live on protein shakes, but bars were just for a treat. In fact I often think that a Mars Bar and scoop of whey protein powder would make for a cheaper, tastier, and more nutritious snack!

Now that you are back in the States you could try organic beef jerky – just make sure that it is natural and not pumped full of sweeteners!

Aside from a snickers, the worse thing to eat that often masquerades as being “low fat” are cereal bars and juices. Given the way your body reacts to sugar this would be a sure fire way to get fat again. Maintain your impressive fat loss by always sticking to alternatives that will keep your blood sugar low and not cause an insulin spike.

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